Free, Automated Scheduling of Instagram Videos - Introduction

instagram Dec 28, 2019

I used to create quick parkour tutorial videos for instagram to post every now and again, and thought that I'd actually do it a little more seriously for my company LondonParkour. Good bit of content that I can post on a regular basis, with minimal effort.

This post is about the process that I finally came up with, after a lot of playing around and figuring things out... It became a little more complicated than I originally predicted.

The lesser-known six circles of Dante's logistical hell are broken up as follows.

  1. Filming - Getting simple lavalier audio on a GoPro.
  2. Converting - BASHing away at automating simple video editing.
  3. Uploading - Google Driving me to jump hoops for a URL.
  4. Labelling - Not using post-it notes for storing the info so far.
  5. Triggering - Toppling that first domino.
  6. Posting - RED Alert! Change the bulb to a red one!

Each stage posed a challenge and required research and a little critical thinking, let's dive in and get started with...

Part 1 - Filming


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