Free, Automated Scheduling of Instagram Videos - Part 1 - Filming

instagram Dec 24, 2019

GoPro 6 + iPhone 6S + AirPods + MykApp


I have a GoPro 6 that has the ridiculously idiotic design flaw of covering all the microphones up when it's in the case for screwing onto a tripod. Yep, that's right, all of the microphones get covered over by plastic from the case and therefore unusable for vlogs.

The solution? An external microphone. Easy right? Nope. Not even close.

You may have noticed that the GoPro has no jack-plug input and no bluetooth audio connectivity... That's because they want you to buy this god-awful thing:

GoPro Audio Adapter

Fuck that.

What a ridiculous piece of technology for an audio-in socket. Then you need to add the microphone itself and if you want a lavalier microphone, like I do, (one with a transceiver to wirelessly connect to a lapel microphone) you'd need all that plugged in also. I have an existing mini transceiver that works very well and thought I could connect it through bluetooth to a lapel mic.  

Then I started thinking about wiring my own jack-plug into a pre-existing mic on the GoPro. That was a no-go from the start because of the waterproofing, AD Converters, etc...

Finally, after a few days I started wondering if I could use my Apple Airpods somehow. They have Mics in them, are bluetooth, and I just needed a way to get that to connect to the GoPro. I was doing lots of reading online and came across a random post that mentioned an iPhone App called Myk App. So I checked it out:

Myk App

This was the answer... These are the droids I was looking for.

So here's what you can do.

  1. Connect your GoPro to your iPhone for audio and video recording
  2. Connect your AirPods through bluetooth to your iPhone for a second audio recording.
  3. Start recording audio / video on the GoPro and simultaneously record the audio on the iPhone through the airpods.
  4. Once finished, you can download the GoPro footage to the iPhone and then combine it with the audio recorded by the airpods!
  5. The mixing ability allows you to shift the audio of either recording forwards or backwards to synchronise to the video correctly. (The airpods recording tends to be 0.5secs behind, so I have to shift it slightly)
  6. Process the video with the new audio from the airpods and save it to your camera folder.
  7. Download all footage to the computer for next steps!

Oh, one downside though... it's not free. The app is free, but to use it properly you need to pay a $3.99 monthly subscription. I HATE these subscription models. But it was cheap enough for me to try it on a month basis, loved it, then bought the yearly ($19.99) subscription.

Fantastic. So I now have good footage from my GoPro, with good audio, courtesy of 'AI Motion, Inc'... Check out their app and have a play on Android or iOS.

Part 2 - Converting


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