Free, Automated Scheduling of Instagram Videos - Part 6 - Posting

Jan 25, 2020

Scheduled Post + Hootsuite iPhone App + Instagram = New post!

Well, this is it folks... Once the scheduled date comes around, your hootsuite app will be alerted and you'll be able to post onto Instagram.

Use the official Hootsuite App for this. Authorise your account and away you go.

And that, as they say, is a wrap...

It's a fairly long process, but you've now seen the steps for automating much of it and making you life much easier with scheduling posts.

Further steps

Some of the other things I want to figure out and have automated.

  1. Post to YouTube. Should be easy, just another Zapier connection to my YouTube account.
  2. Post to Google My Business. This maybe harder. No Zapier connectivity as yet and Hootsuite doesn't natively support it. I have API access to my account, but may need to write some solution myself.
  3. YouTube back to website So I also want to write a scraper of my YouTube account so I can pull all of these posts back to the website as articles for good SEO juice and links. They're all good content, so I want to take advantage of it all. I also want to add parsing of markdown in the youtube description so when it's scraped onto the website it'll be displayed better and with a little bit of formatting.
  4. Mailchimp and newsletters. I want to have links automatically added into a fully automated monthly newsletter. This can then give me most of the content to post out. I could also use trello for the rest of the content.

Game Over

Any problems with the steps, well, have a go at googling the problem and figuring it out... Time and patience will be a much better teacher than me just giving you the answers. However, if you want to hire and pay me to help you, that's a whole different matter. Email me at for all enquiries!

Hope you liked the jungle-themed imagery from unsplash for this series too!

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