Free, Automated Scheduling of Instagram Videos - Part 3 - Uploading

instagram Dec 28, 2019

Video.mp4 + Google Drive + Direct URL plugin

You have your video from the FFMpeg process in the last article. Now we need to host it online. I have a ton of space on google drive, so it makes sense to use that for me.

I've looked into lots of different cloud hosting and there are actually a load of free ones you might want to look at... For instance, there are free tiers on Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS, Azure, etc...

Once uploaded into a specific folder you can't get the direct URL for the file through the google drive interface, so the easiest way I found to get it is by using the Download Link Generator Google Chrome plugin.

This allows you to right-click on your video file and retrieve the direct address of the video. We'll need this URL for the next step in trello...


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